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Monday, April 21, 2008

India in a Changing World

Change ! Change ! Change ! More than ever before this is one verbal shenanigan gripping the World Order and the mere mortals are like caught like an aghast deer bewildered on a highway staring at the high beamers.

Barak Obama has his side of the democratic campaign smeared with obscene amounts of rah, rah professing Change.

Tibet a miniscule geography in the world more famous for Dalai Lama , Richard Gere and Yeti is changing the editorial of almost all all the leading media works. The tibetian movement is getting bigger than the Olympics. More power to the people of tibet who have achieved an enormous task of gaining worldwide support for their cause. No one , practically no one is smaller to fight the goliaths if they have a just cause and determination to resist injustice.

Pakistan has become stronger as people have empowered themselves with a democracy. a democracy which promises a liberal and pluralistic society. A change for the better.

China will be more familiar to the world beyond the famed culinary delights they are usually renowned for or the pockets of china towns, little Chinas spread world over in limited pockets. This is a huge change for a country which will i am sure metamorphosis to evolve as a global society , the hitherto unchartered terrain by most countries will see and benefit form this huge change. The people from china were travelers and for a change will be playing hosts to the biggest event on planet earth.

Global economy is changing rapidly. The economy is getting more liquid and more fickle with the slightest of the tremor triggering a financial avalanche of unmanageable propositions. Myriad Theories of coupling and decoupling of economic societies galore in these changing times.

Consumers of the east seem to have taken the leadership baton from the west. More than ever before the east are consuming at a scorching pace thus inspiring a new breed of local Entrepreneurial class and a exodus of the same gang from the west to east.

The spherical planet is more and more getting flattened and this may well be the biggest change. In this there is a happy change happening in India as it is scripting its unique path to a golden India. I am patriotic Indian who is ever forgiving the motherland for its limited misgivings such as corruption, digital divide , poor healthcare and zero social security eve if we are the largest democracy.

My eyes get glazed with optimism as i see swank airports of the future in my home town of Hyderabad and birth place Bangalore. Though painful i am very happy to see the concrete structures being created to help the new car owner flyover his suburb on the way to a multiplex with his entire family crammed in his proud minicar. Be it Bandra, Moolchand,Cannought Place, Panjagutta , MG Road, Kathipara Junction or Hebbal..The change is transforming urban India.

The blacktop from hyderabad to chennai or bangalore or the easternexpress highway in mumbai or express way from pune to mumbai or ECR road to pondy or the PV Narashimra Rao 11.6 KM 100 Ft flyover..

The mushrooming of world class educational institutions like the IITs and IIMs upstaging the Harvard, Tuck and Wharton Schools in terms of the growing impact their alumnus have around the globe is a change i a so proud of.

The changing phase of healthcare innovation, the changing thrust of corporate social responsibility by the visionaries like Ramalinga Raju , Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata and Premji uplifting societies around them is a heartening heartwarming aspect of positive change.

Many a change such as change from hep Aerobics to artistic yoga. Rock and regge to bhangda pop or jazz to carnatic strains, pastas to curry , mcdonalds , KFCs and pizzas to idli , dosa , dhokla and vada paw. Universal Studios and Mirmax to Redchillies or Yashraj filims. American Idol to Indian Idol. Hollywood to Bollywood or Kollywood.The India that the world will love to experience.

India evolving as a cricketing super ecomony ( I thought of calling this sporting but went changed it to criketing for obvious reasons) is a change many cricketers are loving be it IPL or ICL.

More importantly India as a nation is growing in prominence as a state with likely economic leadership. A nation whose voice on global issues will be heard intently by the patrons around the world. The indianess which is so unique to us Indians adopted by rest of the world just like the cultures from France, Rome , Greece , Japanese and British and Americas held world attention for a while in the past. This i believe is change for the better.

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